Welcome to Fisketorget

We run a combined seafood store and restaurant in the same area where seafood has always been sold in Stavanger, namely at the heart of the bay. On this plot, fishmongers have been selling seafood for over 150 years.

Fisketorget Stavanger AS was established in 2012, with owner Karl Erik Pallesen at the helm. The other owners are Lars Olav Hetland, Stein Erik Alvestad and Carl Erik Aadnøy.

These four also own the food- and catering company ”Matboden Rogaland As”, which produce some of the products we sell in the store.

We have a total of 12 full-time employees, and 10-15 temporary employees who work in the various departments during the high season.

Fisketorget in Stavanger is an innovative and futureoriented seafood store and restaurant, where high quality and freshness, an abundance of choices, knowledge and extraordinary level of service characterize the business.

Contact us:

Fisketorget Stavanger
Strandkaien 37, Stavanger

E-mail: bestilling@fisketorget-stavanger.no

Phone: 51 52 73 50